Experience with Botox for Migraine

Some years ago I heard about Botox for migraine, and my first thought was about how ridiculous it sounded. I don’t remember why, but I thought it was something, no matter how bad my head hurt, that I would never try. Fast forward to the beginning of this year, and my migraines have done nothing but get worse. I had been on every preventative medicine my doctor would prescribe to me, and no change. So I began to take to the internet for research.

I start reading about Botox for Migraine. And my mind changes. I wait for months and months for my neurologist to get all the paperwork handled, since it had been years since his office had done any injections. They get the stuff in, and the day is set for July 22nd. I am excited and nervous. Come hell or high water, there is nothing that will stop me from getting to this appointment. 2 hours of waiting, and I’m in the office, watching him fill up the syringes. The injections hurt a little worse than I was expecting and I had to lay down because I was starting to pass out after the third injection. I got a total of 11 injections in my forehead, in my hairline above my ears, and in the back of my head in my hairline. I got a total of 50 units of Botox. I went home and had a horrible migraine that night. It was mostly gone by the next day.

Bonus picture from right after I got 11 needles in my head.
Bonus picture from right after I got 11 needles in my head.

Fast forward to about a week and a half later. I am stuck on the couch, crying my eyes out because I am in so much pain. I haven’t had a migraine this bad in a long time. For 3 days I could do nothing but sit in misery. Laying down hurt my head worse, and sleeping was impossible. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see the throbbing and it made me too nauseous . If I had my insurance straight at the time, I would have went to the hospital. I could no longer move my forehead, so I know the toxin had sunk into my muscles.

I don’t know if that migraine was some sort of delayed reaction to the Botox, but that’s my theory. Ever since then, my migraines have gotten much worse for whatever reason. I have had about 3 that have almost sent me to the hospital (if I still had my insurance straight!!). Before the Botox, I had managed to keep myself out of the hospital for two years.

From my internet research, a lot of people say the Botox doesn’t work until the 2nd injection, or 6 months later. Despite how terrible I have been feeling lately, I would consider getting a second injection. I am at the point in my illness where I will do just about anything to get the pain to stop. I emailed my neurologist about my reaction and his response was “I will no longer continue the injections”.

I have a little more than a month until my appointment at the Johns Hopkins Headache Clinic and I could not be more apprehensive. It’s the hope that these people really REALLY know what they are dealing with. And I’m sure I will give them a run for their money! I have a tendency to stump most of the doctors I come across.


One thought on “Experience with Botox for Migraine

  1. Girl, your post-injection forehead looks great! I made the ridiculous mistake of going on a date the night after mine and I was black and blue, plus I couldn’t move my forehead when I smiled, so I looked a little creepy! Haha!
    Hang in there! It took about 3-4 weeks for me to experience relief with my Botox injections. Ice packs can be cliche but helped the most on the injection site. And rest, rest, rest! Your body is trying to process a foreign agent, so response-migraines are totally normal (but still suck).


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