Cardiology & Atacand

I had an echocardiogram some weeks ago. The day after Christmas actually! And two weeks ago I got a call from their office, telling me it was normal.

This past week, on Tuesday I got a call from my primary care physician’s office, where they get sent copies of everything I have done, and they also gave me a call. But they told me something different. I have mild tricuspid valve regurgitation. And suddenly I became so mad. Even if it was completely harmless, isn’t this something you would want to tell me??

That’s not even the worst part. When I was in his office, before Christmas, he said to me that I was too young to have heart problems and I would have to “prove” to him that there really was something wrong with me. So I didn’t like him from day one. And he said I was basically fine while I was leaving his office. Meanwhile, I couldn’t go up or down the stairs IN MY OWN HOUSE without feeling like I ran a marathon. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out. But no worries, I’m “fine”.

I am now diagnosed with tachycardia and tricuspid valve regurgitation, which aren’t the end of the world and may just have to be monitored. Most of my past heart problems were probably from the Effexor. I was an absolute wreck while on that medication. 2 days ago I have also stopped taking my Atacand. So I am now medicine free and I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out while going up the stairs now!



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