Brain Fog feelings

Brain Fog is one of the most frustrating things. I’m struggling with it a lot today…

I hate when people think that I am dumb or mean because I cannot respond to questions quick enough, or I’ll just blatantly say the wrong thing.

Two of the more recent examples that got me self conscious are:

1. A conversation with friends about ordering pizza. I used Pizza Hut and Papa John’s interchangeably and really confused everyone about which one I wanted to order.

2. At my job, auditors will ask us questions from memory. I know that I know the answer, but that’s not what’s coming out my mouth. I got most of it wrong.

I know that I am smart. But I also know that I am sick.


3 thoughts on “Brain Fog feelings

    1. That’s great it has helped you! I’m really looking into at least something to help. I can probably deal with the pain all the time, but the brain fog really makes me feel useless. Maybe I’ll look at how I eat.


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