Waiting for Botox to Work & Reglan

I did the math, it takes about two weeks for the Botox to kick in and some sort of small relief for me. March 24th 2016 was my first round of Botox for migraine. A little over 2 weeks later, on April 9th, we went on a trip and it was the first time in forever when I can recall laughing without pain. So I think that was thanks to the botox? At least I’m hoping so!

My most recent Botox injections was June 23rd. About 2 weeks before that is when I remember being in more pain than the previous months. I suspect it was the botox wearing off. I should expect some relief between July 7-9th. I HOPE. This is all a little frustrating to calculate because there are so many unknowns.

In the meantime… I am trying not to take ibuprofen or anything else OTC. I remembered a prescription I had for Reglan (metoclopramide). After doing some research, I learned this is one of the drugs I was given during that awful infusion process at the end of last year. And one of the side effects is anxiety/feeling panicked.

I don’t feel so good about this decision, but I’m risking it. I’ve got nowhere else to be tonight so if I get hit with side effects, I’ll just wait it out in the bathtub, since that usually calms me down. With a little bit of google research, I took the Reglan with some Benadryl (or the generic equivalent). Desperate times call for desperate measures. Wish me luck!!


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