APD Testing

Lots has been going on and as usual, I don’t have the words to describe it. Some weeks ago I saw Dr Jennifer Smart at the Towson University Speech & Hearing Clinic. I have trouble understanding speech and communicating in certain social situations, but I’ve managed to pass all my hearing tests. At the last test, they recommended me to be tested for Auditory Processing Disorder, which is more neurological than anything physically wrong with the hearing process.

Turns out I have an auditory processing weakness. So not fully ADP, but there is a difficulty I have with processing and participating in speech. I’ve got a bunch of programs recommended to me as well as a hearing device. I’m still waiting for the report they’re going to send me with all my results as well as the purchasing info for the hearing device. I think it’s just some sort of amplification system, but I’m no expert on aids for hearing.

I got hooked up to lots of wires & then go to take a nap.

Once the report and everything comes in the mail, I think I’ll make a little post with all the info & recommended devices and programs đŸ™‚


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