I have just been sort of maintaining for the past couple weeks. I’ve had days that are horribly intolerable and I take a max dose of Midrin, and then I’ve had days where I’m sort of ok as long as I stretch my back + shoulders out as soon as I wake up.

I’m having a lot of mixed feelings… How does a person separate their lives and into what sections? I want a professional website somewhere, plus a space where I can blog about recent projects & creativity. But… Do I keep that separate from my personal blog? And what about my health blog (this one)?? How inappropriate would it be to link them all together? If someone were looking at my blog and thinking about hiring me for photography/whatever else, would seeing my health blog or personal posts deter them?

I have no idea, whats the correct way to do this? I want my work to be seen, but at the same time I am afraid of people looking at it. I’m sort of comforted by knowing I can post whatever I want and almost no one will view it.

I’m thinking about merging this blog with a photography blog I have recently started (and update far less frequently), since most of my creative projects are centered around health.


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