Chiari Malformation

I have it. My new neurologist (Dr Rao at Hopkins) looked at my MRI for about 2 seconds and diagnosed me with it. I didn’t know what to say besides “oh”. And I thought back to everyone who came to me and said “Have you heard about this thing called Chiari Malformation?” And my answer was always yes, but I’ve already looked into it and I don’t have it. JOKES ON ME.

I’ve got to find exactly which of my MRIs shows it.

So far my treatment is to drink water; 2.5 L a day, which sounds like torture to me.

The more research I do, the more my symptoms match up pretty much exactly.


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3 thoughts on “Chiari Malformation

    1. Hi, sorry for such a late response! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. As far as symptoms, I am not sure how much of mine are caused by the chiari, or how many are caused by chronic migraines. The symptoms I have experienced are: neck pain, small balance issues, dizziness, vision problems (visual snow, double vision) and tinnitus. Very bothersome things!


  1. No worries, thank you for your response. I am sorry to hear how you are suffering with these symptoms! I appreciate your feedback, as it will be helpful for my class writing project on Chiari Malformation. All the best luck to you & if you need surgery, my best hopes for you with that also.


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