Technology = Bad

I cannot stand people who have that argument that technology is bad. That it’s making people dumber or more antisocial. I feel like disability always gets left out of that type of conversation, which isn’t fair.

When I say technology here, I’m talking about social media types. Like cellphones and laptops and even gaming consoles. Communication technology I guess?

Some common complaints I’ve heard are (but not limited to):

  • No one calls anymore, all they do is text
  • People always got their headphones in and aren’t listening to the world around them
  • People who are always on their phone!
  • Why do people need to take pictures of everything instead of just enjoying the moment?

I see technology as a means of enhancing disabled people’s lives. We can share support stories with someone half the world away who has the same rare disease we do. Those of us experiencing sensory overload can use our phones to block out harmful stimuli and play calming music. We can take photos and notes during doctors appointments, while walking down the street, or virtually anywhere when our shitty memory won’t let us remember anything later. Our hearing impaired friends can read a text instead of struggling to understand a conversation during a phone call. Those of us with visual impairment can point our phones at an object we can’t see; whether it be too far away, too dark or too bright, and zoom in to see the object! There’s even TONS of apps and programs that exist to help us.

It’s amazing!! It makes our lives so much easier! I know that I couldn’t function the way that I do without my phone. I am that person who takes photos and writes notes and prefers to read messages rather than struggle through the conversation.

So to the next old man to harass me for being on my phone can shove it! Don’t make fun of me for my accommodations. I need my phone to exist in this very ableist world.



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