Down on Namenda

Just like the Lamictal, here I go again. I’ve started dosing down on my Namenda. I’ve known for quite a bit now that it hasn’t done anything. I mean I don’t think it has. Maybe there was a small benefit at first? Maybe there was no benefit at all? And it was just some sort of placebo.

Whatever the case, I’m dosing myself down to be completely off of it. I’m only doing my morning dose for 1 week, and then it will be none at all. That’ll leave me with only like 2 medications I take everyday?


Namenda & Cymbalta

Wow things have been rough these past weeks! I had what started out as a cold, then turned into the flu and became a sinus infection. Just finished up my antibiotics the other day so I’m almost 100% recovered from that.

Before all that happened, I started taking Namenda (a medication for alzheimer’s patients, but for migraine preventative for me) and Cymbalta (for my depression/anxiety and nerve pain). And since I started both of these at the same time, I feel like I have been underwater. It’s a weird feeling to try and put into words.

I have been on so many medications that affect my brain & how I work. My brain fog has been worse on these medications, maybe because I am still dosing up on them. I have almost been on them for a month. Maybe soon I will even out.

I am too scared right now to say that they may be working for my pain. I have had lots of migraines since I started them, but somehow I am more ok functioning every day? I am very spacey and haven’t been able to do any work, but something is different. I’ve been very content to just sit on the couch or lay down all day and watch netflix/be online all day.

I think I will wait a few days for my brain to even out or something.